University of Utah School of Architecture
Dialectic VIII: Subverting—Unmaking Architecture?
Editorial Project, Begun 2019

With issue coeditor Ole W. Fischer and journal editors Shundana Yusaf and Anna Goodman, I helped to develop a call for papers that discussed how and why architectural practice or design pedagogy might be in need of subverting. In this case, we take subverting to mean (to play on Audre Lorde’s famous architectural metaphor) turning the master’s house against itself. Articles will include discussions of contemporary community-engaged teaching, ethnographic studies of tenant appropriation, progressive design projects, analysis of historical examples from the USSR and elsewhere, as well as theoretical explorations of concepts on nature and ground. I will write an editorial to set the stage for this diverse selection.

Still from Buster Keaton and Edward F. Cline’s short comedy film One Week (1920), in which a newly married couple assemble, reassemble, and spectacularly dismantle a build-it-yourself house kit.